The accuracy of Ortur Master 3 is higher than that of xTool D1 Pro.

Engraving effect comparison

Ortur Master 3, spd/pwr : 200/100xTool D1 Pro 10, spd/pwr : 200/100

At first glance, the xTool D1 Pro just looks a little darker at the same power and speed. The difference can be seen if you take a detailed photo.

Ortur Master 3 , spd/pwr : 200/100  Zoom in

 xTool D1 Pro 10, spd/pwr : 200/100

 The jaggedness of the xTool D1 Pro is even more pronounced.

Grayscale Test

The same grayscale test file was carved using different equipment. Master 3 successfully completed the engraving, but D1 Pro engraved the second line and already started to cut the wood, for safety reasons, I terminated the engraving.

However, from the carved effect, we can find that D1 pro carving the same color, there will be a dark side and light side, you can see the first and last frame especially obvious. The color of Ortur is still more even.


Ortur Master 3 10W , Grayscale Test

xTool D1 Pro 10W , Grayscale Test

I found a comparison between Master 3 and D1 from the Internet.

Ortur Master 3 vs xTool D1  Gray Test


(to be continued...)

Test Speed.