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Bundle:10W Blue Laser and Rotary roller

Mr. Carve M3 laser engraver

Mr. Carve M3 laser engraver has swappable infrared(red) and blue laser heads enabling you to work on any material you can think of. Whether it's glass, paper, or even metal. It also features a working area 10 times larger than others on the market, so there's no limit on what you can create. It works with its own software as well as others including LightBurn and LaserGRBL. Plus, its powerful air filtration system ensures hours of engraving comfort and protection.

Unleash Your Creativity With M3

The latest M3 laser engraver and cutter, which evolves from M1 with groundbreaking technologies, is capable of carving metal and almost all types of materials in large areas, bringing all your projects to life

Swappable Laser Heads

Blue and infrared laser fit for different materials. M3 featuring laser heads of both colors covers all your engraving and cut needs.

 1064nm wavelength

Infrared laser operates at a 1064nm wavelength, it is a pulsed laser with high peak power. M3 includes an infrared laser head with the smallest size on the market and can engrave on all metal materials with vivid details.

Engrave Your Designs On Endless Types of Materials

Blue laser heads can engrave and cut almost all non-metal materials.
Infrared laser heads make engraving on virtually any metallic as well as some non-metal materials a breeze.
  • 10W is laser output power, which measures the capability of the machine to cut
  • The max mechanical movement area of the Mr Carve is 40×40cm. There is an inertia buffer space of 1cm or so on four sides reserved for official softwares. resulting in slight displacement of the machine and affecting the precision of engraving. The max engraving area can be adjusted to 40cm×40cm for LightBurn and GRBL LASER.
  • M3 features industrial grade linear guide rail instead of the pulley track design used for ordinary frame laser engravers on the market. It allows the laser head to be guided by a continuous motion, which results in higher precision, faster speed and longer service life than ordinary frame engravers.
  • With a rotary roller, the cylindrical objects, orbs, and even eggs can be engraved on! M3 can bring you more fun engraving on almost any surface. You can break free from conventional engraving today!
  • 1064nm (2w) is a professional role in the metal, plastic, leather infrared laser, 455nm (10w) is the role of non-metallic material engraving and cutting When buying, please look at the properties of the package and the application of the laser head, please pay attention to all our videos inside a detailed tutorial and show, mr carve support 24h consultation

Customer Reviews

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Total Lack of support and backing of product

Review of Mr Engrave M3

What brought me to buy this product was the trust in Kick-Starter and the Company of Mr-Carve. I was excited to be a part of the complete process. The thought of being a part of, getting a new product to the market, and be a small part of that.

What I missed: was the lack of infer structure. They claimed to have a proprietary control software, which was there but did exceptionally little and is extremely cumbersome. Lacking intuition and knowledge of what is needed to make their product what they say it could be (was).

Looking beyond these things, they were late delivering on their promises. When I finally received my machine, I was excited. That all ended very quickly

When I buy something from a company, I usually look deep into the who, what and why of the things they do.

Is their product said to be a good dependable product that is attested to by the users (customers). Do they back their product with; customer support, how to use it, supplied manuals that are comprehensive with trouble shooting solution, web support with further uses, how To's, projects more. With this product. As I said, it lacked complete instructions on how to do the minimum, lacked a quality proprietary program to run the machine. Insignificant videos, other than those made by the patrons on you-tube, that were also figuring out the how To's, setting, etc. I could not have known these things, as this was a new thing

The final straw was when I was losing money, do to being unable to use the machine and had to take time to find out what was going on. I finally emailed them for support and explained why I thought I could only use less than one tenth of the usable area, to make a design without it ruining my materials with a less than a perfect design. This had nothing to do with the settings, but something else. So, I had bought a machine, paid good money for it but not only could I not use it, but I could not even get any support from the Manufacturer. After emailing them, more than once. I never got a reply. These People took my money, but did not stand behind their product, support or otherwise, nor do they care about those of us, whom once believed in them. From what I've seen, the user’s ability to use their machines is about 50/50. Do not take my word Check for yourself. I say Stay away from this machine look elsewhere.

See photo this an example of a good one, notice the word merry is screwed up. No matter where I place my item, some result or worst.